About the Logo

Lei Kaupu designed both the 2011 & the new 2012 Miloli'i Lawai'a ‘Ohana Camp Logo & T-shirt Design. Here are Lei's words behind the t-shirt design, logo design and her mana'o:

"Since our focus for camp this year is ‘opihi, limu and päku'iku'i, I have decided to incorporate all three marine species into one design. The population of these three species has declined rapidly over the years due to overstocking. It is my hope to see it be replenished and nurtured for future generation. The limu kohu & limu kala are just a few species of limu that can be found along the cliffs of Kapalilua."

Shirt Logo

"As for the new logo; Miloli'i is well known for the ‘opelu fish. For many generations, families have hanai and harvested ‘opelu. The practice is still being taught today. The ‘opelu is a representation of sustainability and generations."

Lawaia Logo